Friday, 18 April 2014



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There is also added information and chat about the songs, when, how or why they were written. Other subjects will be included, ..
subjects like winning a songwriting contest on TV and meeting the legendary Sammy Cahn, writer of hits like Three Coins In The Fountain, High Hopes, Call Me Irresponsible and many more!
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                                        WHAT IT WAS LIKE TO WIN A TV CONTEST
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This last link is to a more detailed website with lots to read and view. Music, poetry, pictures, articles which have been part of my life. All these things have helped to keep me going and get me through the bad, sad times which have also been an important part of my life too. 

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Photos - Winter, Spring, Summer



Winter 2013. The pink blossom was in bloom looking like coconut-ice once the snow had fallen on the young branches of this tree.

The tree is featured in the video Once In The Life Of The Moon.

As the snow was quite deep, I hung some apples cut in half in the tree, and not long after I had gone indoors, I saw from the window that a Blackcap had found the apples. This was a new visitor to our garden
and was obviously appreciative of the fruit it could cling to like the Bluetits.

A few days later, when the supply of apples was extended to ground level once my footprints had flattened the snow, a wonderful Fieldfare arrived. It fed on the apples, and also bread and wild bird-seed which was spread on the picnic table.

Fred, as I called him, stayed in the garden, taking cover in the shrub near the blossom tree but coming out to eat the food each day and give us a good view of his lovely bluey-grey plumage.

Fred was resident with us, and the other smaller birds, until the end of February. One morning, he spent longer in the bird-bath, having a thorough wash, ruffling his feathers so much before shaking the water off him. I somehow guessed this was going to be a sad day for us and was right. Fred suddenly flew onto the garden fence and stayed for a while. He returned, as though saying a final farewell from the ground in front of
the shrub, and then took off and I watched him fly off never to be seen again.
Scandinavia is a long flight and hopefully he had a good supply of food through those Wintry days to give him the nourishment he needed to sustain him.
I hoped he may come back this year but there has been no sign of him. So much pleasure was derived from having Fred as a resident bird in the garden and I couldn't have guessed he was on his way, that year, as I hung the apples in the tree.



Thursday, 27 March 2014

The Joy Of Children Singing - Our Grateful Thanks

                                                             THE MELODY MINORS
                                    FAREWELL PARTY FOR THE CHILDREN AND PARENTS
                                            IT WAS VERY SAD TO BE SAYING GOODBYE

                                        EVERYONE SEEMED TO BE THERE WHEN WE WERE
                                          READY TO MOVE BACK FROM CORNWALL.


It is many years ago when I had the pleasure of being a piano teacher when I lived in Cornwall for an all too short time.

I taught children and some adults and when the song I had written which is called Our Grateful Thanks was played to the children I taught, they were eager to learn it. The Melody Minors was formed and became a weekly singing hour and the children learned the song.

One afternoon, I recorded the rehearsal and the singing sounded so joyful with the children swaying from side to side in time with the music. I played the keyboards for them and used a Calypso sound which made the song sound effective and a little more unusual.

I arranged for the Melody Minors to go to a school hall one Saturday morning and a more professional recording was made.

I sent it to the producers of Children In Need but sadly was returned. It was quite disappointing because the children had sung very well and the sentiments of the song was to be thanks given to people who had donated to Children In Need.

As a consolation, the Melody Minors performed the song in public along with a Christmas song. This was in St Austell. I was very proud of them and the joy of hearing the children singing my songs with so much warmth and enthusiasm is a very happy memory.

It is hard to imagine that these marvellous children are adults now. I wonder where they are and how they are doing.